My beautiful, Bootyfull story


Back in June 2011, whilst on one of my many shopping adventures, I not-so-accidentally found myself in a premium footwear retailer in Cape Town where I cast my eyes, for the first time, upon a pair of inflatable boot shapers. It was like I had stepped into my dream closet where all the boots stood upright and were smiling at me…

Aha – light bulb moment! I wanted, no – I needed – this product, but from where? Unfortunately the retailer couldn’t / wouldn’t sell them to consumers and so I finally found my calling.

It became essential that I find this product and make it available to my fellow boot lovers out there! After much research, time, money (not mine of course – that’s what spouses are for), I developed and designed the product you see before you today and rightly named it Bootyfull, because they are.

Now you too can keep your boots beautiful with Bootyfull, SA’s original inflatable boot shaper – enjoy!

Yours in beauty,
Amanda Chetty – Cape Town